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Our digital agency offers solutions for small, medium and very large businesses.
For each client we offer an individual solution that takes into account the budget and the needs of the business.


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What makes us different?

Our biggest advantage is that we are also a software company that has been developing successful online stores and customer sites for years. We have been successfully creating and advertising our clients' sites for over 10 years.

What do we offer?

1 Digital agency Plovdiv Facebook and Instagram Ad

Facebook & Instagram

We offer a complete service, including advertising, daily monitoring of the efficiency and profitability, creation of ads and video clips.

2 Digital agency Plovdiv Google Ads

Google advertising

We are one of the first digital agencies in Bulgaria to have a Google Partner certificate. We have many years of experience with Google Search, Google Display, and we are already working with Google Shopping.

5 Digital agency based in Plovdiv specialized in programming


We can be your software partner, helping you with SEO optimization, site speed, shopping cart improvements, integrations and analytics.

4 Digital agency based in Plovdiv with international experience

International experience

We are specialized in consulting and assistance in launching new markets. We can advise on transfers, fulfillment, international couriers, tax information, customer service for over 25 markets.

3 Digital agency Plovdiv ROI

Improving ROI

As a software company, we can help by advising you and implementing the best practices to increase the site performance and the cart average.

Social Media Marketing

  • Managing advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram
  • Preparation of ads and video materials
  • Remarketing and dynamic campaigns
  • Daily monitoring and analysis of the active campaigns
  • Shooting professional product photoshoots
  • Creation and processing of video ads
  • Generation and integration of a Facebook Pixel
  • Proper implementation of Ecommerce tracking
Digital agency Plovdiv Facebook and Instagram Ad
Digital agency Plovdiv Google Ads

Google ads

  • Creating and managing ads in Google Ads
  • Structuring and managing Google Shopping ads
  • Set up ad profiles
  • Creating remarketing audiences
  • Implementation of Conversion Tracking Codes
  • Monthly support and optimization of Google Ads advertising account

Improving ROI

  • Creating new landing pages
  • Website analysis and preparation of a list of problems or recommendations for improving ROI
  • Recommendations for improving the speed of the website
  • Site enhancements aimed at increasing the Quality Score of the Google Ads site
  • Analyzing users and their actions
  • Analysis of the competition and preparation of recommendations for promotions and campaigns
  • Create functionality for upsell strategies and increase the average cost of the cart
  • Template building, email marketing software integration and browser notifications
Digital agency Plovdiv ROI
Digital agency based in Plovdiv with international experience

International experience

  • Preparation of a plan and strategy for business expansion and reaching new markets
  • Assistance and advice in translating and building a website in different languages.
  • Excellently prepared team that works successfully in over 30 markets
  • Numerous already built fulfillment integrations and payment methods
  • Advising on choosing the right courier
  • Assistance in building customer service and local phone numbers

Programming and SEO Optimization

  • We have vast experience in SEO Optimization. We have worked on some of the most competitive niches in Bulgaria and around the world. You can find more information in our seo репорт
  • We offer all kinds of integrations with ERP systems, fulfillment warehouses, customer service platforms, sales analysis and tracking systems.
Digital agency based in Plovdiv specialized in programming
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